Report: Reigning Champs Of Dota's International 6 Retire

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Team Random, better known as the former Wings Gaming, will disband prior to this year’s International.


According to Jack Chen, a translator for the Dota Chinese scene familiar with the team, four players will retire while one will continue trying to play professionally, at least for now.


Wings Gaming were the champions of The International 6, the multi-million dollar world championship of Dota 2. Without them, this will be the first International without a reigning champ to defend its title.

The team had already abandoned its organization after a falling out with Wings, attending last weekend’s Kiev Major under the name Team Random. Random fell in the first stage of the bracket against OG (who would go on to win it all) and their group stage performance was middling. They had struggled to adapt to new patches, and the image of the unbeatable Wings roster rolling through TI6 was growing ever-distant in the rear-view mirror.

Winning The International 6 awarded each player of the former Wings over $1.5 million, so they’re probably doing alright. Chen hinted that there were some hope they would reconsider, but for now, it seems like 2016's best Dota team is no longer.

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I would say that they weren’t necessarily the best team all year. That is still OG. But that Wings run at TI6 was straight up magical. They picked the weirdest, most off the wall shit, and essentially created the meta in their own image.