Blizzard has announced that it’s hosting a Warcraft III invitational tournament at the end of the month. Yes, Warcraft III, the one with strategy and sheep that explode if you click on them enough. Veteran pros like Madfrog and Tak3r will participate in the event, which will be accompanied by balance changes and widescreen support for the nearly 16 year-old game.


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Please, PLEASE let there be a Warcraft 4. No more remasters. Just give me a WC4 that keeps the same custom map capabilities and battlenet as WC3 (none of that SC2 nonsense).

Also, pretend that WoW never happened. Soooo much lore content just blatantly wasted. Also the whole Pandaria thing. And the Cataclysm thing. And the New Horde thing. And the time travel thing.

Let’s just pick up where we left off: Illidan is dead and bleeding on the foot of a giant ice spire, Arthas has become the Lich King, the rest of the world ponders the repercussions.