A Hacker Is Allegedly Flooding Counter-Strike Lobbies With Bots

Counter-Strike players are currently coping with an exploit that allows bots to spam text and partake in games without being kicked.

The attack allegedly comes from one person who claims to be organizing the hack and bots in a somewhat concentrated effort. The proof comes by way of a wall of text that some bots responsible for the attack are sending out, which proclaim that the exploit’s continued abuse is meant to draw attention to security issues within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Valve has issued a statement and a hotfix meant to mitigate the issue, but reports are still coming in of un-kickable cheaters and exploiters.

Though community solutions are popping up, the hacker responsible for it has been somewhat adapting, causing confusion and many in forums and subreddits to abstain from logging on altogether.


The exploit allows the bots and exploiters to jump into all lobbies, even private ones according to reports.

It’s a similar exploit to one found a few weeks ago, where typing messages into a lobby allowed users to rank up and down as they chose. A CS:GO streamer even uploaded video proof of how to consistently execute the bug.


We’ve reached out to Valve for further response.

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