A Tekken 7 Round So Close, It Needs Two Slow-Mo Cams

Slow-mo is one of Tekken 7's most hype features, slowing the critical moment of a fight down to mere frames. In last night’s Tekken World Tour Korea grand finals, the two fighters were so close that it came down to the slow-mo cam twice in a single round.


Though Evo 2017 is in the rear-view mirror, Hyun Jin “JDCR” Kim seems to have no intention of slouching. He took the Evo 2017 championship over his Echo Fox teammate Jin Woo “Saint” Choi, and at Tekken World Tour Korea, put up several impressive matches, including a huge comeback against Hwoarang player TKMuse.


But it was Noroma who proved to be the greatest challenger to the Echo Fox players’ dominance. After defeating Saint, Noroma reset the bracket on JDCR, forcing it to a final set. Both players were looking strong when, in round one of the fourth game, it came down to the double slow-mo cam.

According to Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada, the game’s super slow-motion cam is designed to activate when both players are at low health and put out moves at the same time, to give a more cinematic feel to moments where players aren’t sure whose attack will end it. (h/t Shoryuken)

Though the slow-mo cam went in JDCR’s favor, the series ended with Noroma the victor, besting both of the Echo Foxes and taking the World Tour Korea win, netting him a good few points for the Tekken World Tour.


You can watch last night’s matches in full on the Tekken Twitch channel’s archive here.

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Is Tekken 7 worth it if I’m just in it for the single player? I like how the combat looks more grounded and slower paced than Street Fighter.