Arms Player Tears Through E3 Tournament, Only To Get Wrecked By Game Producer

After winning yesterday’s E3 Arms Invitational, the people’s champ Zerk had the chance to play the game’s producer, Kosuke Yabuki, in an exhibition. Mr. Yabuki showed no mercy.


At the end of the first match, Yabuki (on Min Min, the right-hand side character) executed a combo that had been tossed around in testing during the last few public betas—a throw into the arena’s springboards, followed by popping his rush power-up and rushing the opponent down.


Zerk had made a strong run through the invitational’s bracket with his own tech on Twintelle, mostly involving some solid one-two punches with his twin Chillers and cancelling grabs with his rush. He even did a little dance pop-off after taking down competitor SkyWardWing in the grand finals. Despite a few dropped games, Zerk seemed to comprehend Arms to a competitive degree.

Yabuki’s play, however, is on another level. Even in the back-and-forth leading up to the combo, Yabuki show the clear skill gap between the two. He utilized character-specific abilities like Twintelle’s time slowdown, and side-dashed away from punches with ease.

If the skill gap between players can be this wide, there might be some competitive legs on Arms.

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there might be some competitive legs on Arms.

How long have you been sitting on that joke?