Black Adam Player Proves Unbreakable At Injustice 2 World Championships

Ryan “Dragon” Walker was crowned the first Injustice 2 world champion during a special Eleague broadcast last night, in a 3-1 victory over FoxyGrampa in the grand finals.

Walker had already taken the Evo title, and now boasting two major championships, it’s fair to say he’s the top player in Injustice 2 for the time being, as former king of Netherrealm games SonicFox has abdicated the throne for other ventures.

Using Black Adam, Walker’s particular style of play is a little more reserved than most. In moments like the one below, Walker patiently reads the opponent, poking and prodding to with lightning bolts before moving in to pressure with his orbs. His turtle-like play made it tough for players to gain the upper hand against him, as Walker had clearly done his homework on the match-ups he was set to face in the playoffs.


In a match against Tekken Master, Walker’s late wake-up threw off a game-winning move. At such low health, Tekken Master was eager to chain together the last few hits he needed, so much that he goes flying over a still on-the-ground Black Adam, a drop that sealed the match for Walker.

If you want to see the entirety of last night’s finals and Walker’s run through the winner’s bracket, you can find the VOD in the Eleague Twitch archives here.

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SonicFox didn’t abdicate anything. He was there and just got beat.

This happens when you spread yourself thin across multiple fighters. We have seen this countless times from FGC members equally as great as SonicFox. You cannot be the best at all of them. Especially games that have large and highly competitive scenes (Skull Girls in DOA do not fall into that category).