Data Engineer

Budapest, Hungary


About the Company

Fusion Media Group (FMG) is a media company that connects with the young, diverse audiences that are shaping our future. Through fearless journalism, provoking comedy, and high-impact storytelling we elevate the stories and issues our readers and viewers are passionate about.

FMG has become one of the largest publishers on the web by producing content young, engaged audiences care about. We connect compelling content with larger audiences, registering 100M+ average monthly uniques and we reach more young adults than the competition, at 47M+ average monthly 18-34 uniques. FMG has the web's most original and beloved brands under one roof.

GMG Hungary is a subsidiary of FMG, operating from our award winning office in central Budapest, Hungary with a staff of 30+ mostly tech people. 

What does it mean to be a Data engineer at FMG?

From A/B testing, to real-time alerting, to recommendation engines, products created and maintained by the data engineering team play a major role in our business. FMG is seeking a Data Engineer to help build these and other data product initiatives, as well as the data warehouse from which these products are derived. A part of a small team of engineers, you’ll be implementing pipelines that make data available to the analytics teams and other consumers who generate reporting and glean insights and make decisions from it, and building systems that will implement models they are . This role lives within engineering team and reports to the Director of Data Engineering.

As a Data Engineer you will be:

  • Writing code to ingest and clean data, and exposing this data via business intelligence tools
  • Reviewing code written by other members of the team
  • Co-own of data infrastructure (MySQL/Aurora databases, Spark, Kinesis, Looker, S3 bucket processes etc)
  • Handling implementation of vendors of data services
  • Working closely with product and greater engineering team to deliver data-oriented products
  • Providing support for operations by building alerts and other automated tools
  • Contributing to the stability of the general platform by learning the basics of other systems


Our Culture

  • trust
    • is the base of our culture as the majority of our norms and routines are rooted in it
    • no barriers, no gatekeepers: engineers are provided access to any internal system or resource they need to do their jobs
    • occasionally working from home is an option if it makes your life easier
  • constant knowledge sharing is crucial - eg. mentoring system and Tech Thursday presentations
  • we like to be curious and transparent, as we often experiment with inventing a new feature or on-board a new technology
  • grow continuously - we support you to attend conferences and workshops around the world


Relevant Skills

  • 2+ years of experience in a data engineering role, or a backend engineering/devops role with a focus on data
  • Strong Python, SQL, and Git skills
  • Familiarity with the vendor universe around web tracking (Google Analytics, Chartbeat, comScore, etc).
  • Familiarity with Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Tools (Redshift, BigQuery, Looker, etc)
  • Some Spark/Hadoop experience preferred
  • Strong communication and time management skills

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