Commentator Just Straight Up Drops Smash Player's First Trophy

Last night, Brian “Cosmos” Kalu won his first-ever trophy for Super Smash Bros. For Wii U, and then almost lost it.


Kalu and his doubles partner Rei “komorikiri” Furukawa won the two-on-two bracket last night at Frostbite 2018. In the post-game interview, commentator Richard “Keitaro” King Jr. almost gave new meaning to the term “Smash trophy.”


Whether a prank or by accident, it certainly made my heart (and probably Kulu’s) skip a beat. Thankfully he recovered, returned it to the box, and handed it away.

Congrats to Kulu for a big win and a trophy still in one piece.

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Okay, you know something? I’m going to vote that they give belts instead of trophies for fighting games. That would be rad.