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During a celebratory birthday stream last night, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett called members of his stream chat the n-word on stream, as well as telling one member of the CS:GO community to kill themself.


Trivett was live and playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when he drops the slur. “I am literally going 50 percent and I am the best in esports,” said Trivett. “Wait ‘til I go 100 percent, you fucking n*gger.”

Later, during an Ask Me Anything segment in which Trivett admits he has been drinking, he responds to Counter-Strike community member Don Haci by telling him to “go fuck [themself].” “Maybe put a belt around your neck and jump off a cliff with that belt still attached,” said Trivett. “That would be better for everyone.”


Trivett is a well-known commentator and personality in the Counter-Strike community. He’s been on the mic for many major events, including the Boston Major last January.

At the time of writing, Trivett has not made a statement. Compete has reached out to him, and we’ll update if he responds.

Update [4/2, 10:15 a.m. EDT]: Trivett has posted a statement to Facebook, writing “the other night I spoke out of turn, and out of character. I was someone that I do not approve of, and someone that I do not recognize.”


So far, he wrote, none of his employers have punished him. Trivett says he has made a decision of his own accord to not attend Pro League for the coming week, and will take time beyond that as it comes.

I reiterate: There are no excuses. Esports as an entity does not stand for hate speech, nor is it tolerant of racial and/or violence within its community. I have misrepresented us all, and as a figurehead in our community I have let us down. I have failed those of you who have supported me, including my employers and their sponsors. I have failed my colleagues, who are now implicated by my hostile and horrible decisions. I have failed my family, who raised me to be much, much better than these incidents have suggested. And most regrettably, I have failed myself… The person that I hold to the highest standards.

And for all of that, I am truly, truly sorry.

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