Counter-Strike Team Blows $70,000 Championship Match After Being Penalized For Showing Up Late

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Prominent esports organization Immortals suffered a major misfire over the weekend when three members of its Counter-Strike team showed up late to a $70,000 Dreamhack Montreal finals match, forcing them to forfeit the first map in a best of three set, per the tournament’s rules.


This put Immortals at a serious disadvantage against opposing team North, who won the “second” map, Cobblestone, pocketing $50,000 while Immortals only got $20,000 for their troubles.

The tournament was set to move at an accelerated pace, something teams were informed of ahead of time. Despite that, Immortals’ Vito “kNg” Giuseppe, Henrique “HEN1" Teles, and Lucas “LUCAS1" Teles were tardy to the party. The reason why is not entirely clear. It all began when a member of another team Immortals faced during the tournament, CLG, (apparently jokingly) accused Immortals’ members of being hungover. Giuseppe did not take it well:

Image courtesy of Dot Esports.
Image courtesy of Dot Esports.

Giuseppe vehemently denied that his team had been out partying, claiming instead that they arrived on time, and that Dreamhack forced them to forfeit “out of spite.” Lucas, meanwhile, said the team was resting to fend off jetlag and ended up oversleeping, a story it seems like Giuseppe eventually came around to agreeing with.

I reached out to Immortals for comment, and a rep replied that the organization is currently doing an internal investigation for any “violations of team policy,” but could not offer clarification as to what exactly led to the team’s lateness. However, Immortals CEO Noah Whinston took to Twitter to let people know that, regardless of what happened, this “will not get swept under the rug.”

“We will address this internally,” Whinston wrote. “Actions should have consequences.”

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Mortal Dictata

So yet another “I knew the rules and broke them but I’m still going to blame everyone else for it” story’s.

Well at least eSports has the same Prima Donna attitude as regular sports.