Several Dota 2 teams that participated in last Novemberā€™s Northern Arena BEAT Invitational have yet to see their prize money from the tournament, and the tournament organizer and event production staff say they havenā€™t been paid for their services either.

According to a report from theScore Esports, several Dota 2 teams, including Complexity Gaming, Alliance, and Team NP, havenā€™t received their prize winnings. We have reached out to some teams in attendance, and Complexity Gaming confirmed theScoreā€™s reporting. In total, $26,000 of the $100,000 prize pool hasnā€™t been paid out. All of the Counter-Strike teams at the event received their prize money, but only after repeated inquires to Northern Arena. According to a Complexity representative, the team was paid on Feb. 17 for their Counter-Strike team winnings, but havenā€™t heard from Northern Arena since Feb. 16.

Northern Arena played host to the BEAT Invitational, and itā€™s important to recognize the distinction between the two. Northern Arena is the larger event, which featured both the BEAT Invitationalā€”put on by BEAT Gaming Corp, a Canadian esports organizationā€”and a Counter-Strike tournament put on by the Canadian League of Gamers.

A representative from BEAT told us they had to front administrative fees and staff wages for the tournamentā€”which hasnā€™t been reimbursed by Northern Arenaā€”and that all responsibility for prize money payouts and expenses of teams in attendance lies with Northern Arena.


Northern Arena CEO Carl-Edwin Michel disagrees BEATā€™s claims, telling theScore they are currently in a dispute over breach of contract.


Andrew ā€œZyoriā€ Campbell, managing director of Dota 2 production studio Moonduck.TV, told theScore they were also owed money, and were planning on sending a legal notice to Northern Arena in order to force payment. Moonduck provided on-site talent for the event, including commentators and in-game camera operators.

Weā€™ve reached out to Northern Arena, and will update if they respond.