Dota Tournament Rolls Teams Out In Mercedes-Benz Sedans

This weekend’s ESL One Hamburg is the first major of the 2018 Dota 2 season, which makes it crucial for getting some early points on the circuit. Outside the points and $1 million prize pool, there’s also another prize: a pretty sweet car.


Mercedes-Benz is one of the sponsors of the tournament, and part of that entails the voted MVP of the tournament taking home their own brand-new Mercedes-Benz. It also means each team gets to roll around in a special branded vehicle all weekend, their logo emblazoned on the side while they cruise the streets in Hamburg, Germany.

For their video intros, each team was recorded pulling up to Hamburg in their vehicle, as if pulling up for the game at the last moment. Here’s a few of them:


While the slightly over-the-top production has its own charm, some portions of the community have gone through multiple stages on it, from disliking it to satirizing it. The sheer amount of product placement does also beg the question: how many Dota fans are in the market for a luxury automobile? What hardcore Dota fan still has money to spend after blowing it all on hats?

One team’s manager joked about Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao crashing his team’s car into a tree, until someone else interjected to make it clear it was actually a joke and the car was fine.


Personally, I’ve been enjoying this picture of Team Secret’s Mercedes-Benz getting the clamp.


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This has absolutely destroyed the Dota2 subreddit. Most posts now are about something random and then they mentioned power or control or something and it devolves into a huge post about the Mercedes Benz and how it has superior power or control. It devolves into a fake ad and it’s hilarious. Great copy pasta potential.