Ex-WWE Announcer Emcees Video Game Wrestling League Finale

Wrestling fans might be used to hearing Justin Roberts introduce names like John Cena, Daniel Bryan or The Undertaker. But for the finale of the Video Game Championship Wrestling series, Roberts himself took to the mic to announce the entrance of rejected Street Fighter concept Zubaz and the dark lord of Hyrule himself, Ganondorf.

The VGCW hosted its finale show “End Game X3" yesterday, a few months after announcing that its current showrunner would be stepping down. The grand finale match, the championship feud between Zabuz and Ganondorf, had been hyped up for some time. Due to a chance meeting at Wrestlemania, the VGCW staff managed to get in touch with former ring announcer Roberts and set up an entrance worthy of the video game wrestling league’s final moments.

A post from VGCW’s Discord server went into detail on how a member of its production staff set it up with Roberts.

Initially, he thought I wanted him to record something on my phone (for zero charge too I think) but I later explained to him it was for VGCW, even explaining to him what the stream was and what not. Once he parsed my garbage talking into “Oh you wanted something professional” he told me to get in contact with his manager if I wanted to pull this thing off. At the end of the encounter, I immediately messaged TOH this insane idea, he told Kryptik, and both were onboard.


Roberts even recorded a second take with “arena effects,” and he was commissioned using donated funds from fans accumulated throughout the league’s run.

Though VGCW could theoretically return under a new director, End Wars X3 is the conclusion of an era for the community. What better way to send it off than by getting a famous ring announcer to say “Ganondorf?”

You can watch the full conclusion, including cameos from Ace Attorney’s Miles Edgeworth and Dragonball Z’s Hercule / Mr. Satan in the playlist below.

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Batista Thumbs Up

Wrestling fans might be used to hearing Justin Roberts introduce names like John Cena

Yeah, except Justin would inexplicably give Cena seven “e”s and twelve “u”s in his name. JEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUHN