Fighting Game Pros Gaming At Their Weddings Appears To Be A Thing

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Screenshot: DaigoTheBeastTV

Ryo “Dogura” Nozaki is a well-known player from Japan, who placed 7th in the Capcom Pro Tour global rankings in 2017 and took first place at Canada Cup 2017. He was also getting married last weekend, and during the wedding party, the happy couple set up a PlayStation and the groom took on a few challengers.


Dogura might’ve gotten from the idea from Tatsuya Haitani, who celebrated his own wedding in January with some Street Fighter; he appears to have been in attendance then.

You might think that the bride might have an issue with all this, but check out the tattoo on her left arm.

That is a big ol’ tattoo of Testament, a character from Guilty Gear, a game that Nozaki has played professionally and one of the games he would play a showmatch in that night. Sweet!

The full video is still archived on Daigo Umehara’s Twitch channel. Umehara, one of the most successful fighting game players of all time, was one of the pros in attendance who played Nozaki. Throughout the night, the stream was taking donations as a wedding gift for the couple.

While the full video is worth watching, of special note was Daigo’s antics throughout the night.


Oh boy. We all know that face. While the other matches were fun to watch, much of the evening’s antics came from a very happy, very inebriated Daigo.


Even in the matches, Daigo was playing himself. Still playing his Guile against Nozaki’s Urien, he might have forgotten how Urien’s Aegis Reflector works.


Congrats to the happy couple.

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Is tattoo still associated with Yakuza in Japan? Or is it more socially acceptable these days? Or it’s a non-issue for women? Am I asking too many questions?