Florida Overwatch League Team Honors Parkland Shooting Victims

Image credit: Robert Paul, Blizzard Esports
Image credit: Robert Paul, Blizzard Esports

The Florida Mayhem are known for, among other things, their elaborate entrances each week of the Overwatch League. After the shooting in Parkland last week, the team chose to make a different kind of entrance for their first match of stage two—a tribute to the victims, survivors, and community in Florida.

The team entered in a line before joining arms and hanging their heads in a moment of silence preceding their match against the New York Excelsior.


The team also sported patches emblazoned with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High mascot, an eagle.

The team members of the Mayhem are not from the U.S. They hail from Finland, Sweden, Belgium, and South Korea. They, like the other teams in the Overwatch League, also don’t play games outside of the league’s official arena in California. In this case though, they still came together under their adopted state’s banner and gave a moment of silence, regardless of where they call home.

In a statement before the match, the team provided links to a victims’ fund for donations. “The tragic events of last week’s school shooting have left us all shaken and upset,” wrote Mayhem CEO Ben Spoont. “As the community begins to heal, we felt a need to try and honor not only the victims but also the message and passion that the community has since voiced.”

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TheDude - 1☆ Kotaku Celebrity

On one hand, it’s a nice respectful gesture.

On the other hand, they’ve got no connection to Florida what-so-ever. Or the victims. So it could also be viewed as a cheap pop.

On the *third* hand.. since most of the players are from another country, this is probably the first school shooting they’ve had to deal with “as Americans.”

I think that covers it because I was out of hands.