Blake Martinez of the Green Bay Packers not only tied for leading the NFL in tackles this season, but also finds some time to play Dota 2 on the side. Though he currently plays under “Packernation50,” Martinez told the story of his induction to the cult of Dota at yesterday’s Captains Draft 4.0 tournament—including his first screenname.

A buddy of the linebacker’s made an account for him, but there was one little problem: The account’s name was “pussyfucker69.”

“Literally for six months I didn’t know I could change it,” said Martinez. “So I had people at Stanford that were like, ‘I heard you were playing Dota, what’s your username?’ For six months I was like, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know my username, you should just give me yours.’”

A quick check of his DotaBuff history shows that, indeed, he once was Blake “pussyfucker69" Martinez. And he also has a 70.69 percent win-rate as Luna, damn!


Martinez also decided to change it back for an ability draft showmatch at the event today, where his team won.