Gwent Gets An $850,000 Tournament Series

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Gwent, the in-universe card game from The Witcher 3, has been in beta as a standalone game since last May. Today, developers CD Projekt RED announced a new season-based competitive mode called Gwent Masters. Separate from the ranked mode already available to Gwent players, Gwent Masters will allow players to compete in online tournaments that may qualify them for the first-ever Gwent World Masters, a competition with a $250,000 prize pool.

Gwent Masters will have three tiers of tournaments, with the Gwent World Masters being the most prestigious of the trio. The other two tournament tiers, Gwent Open and Gwent Challenger, offer prize pools of $25,000 and $100,000, respectively. There are eight Gwent Open events and four Gwent Challenger events, each of which has its own prize pool. That means Gwent Masters will pay out a whopping $850,000 to players over the course of its first season.

In order to qualify for entry in any of these events, Gwent players will need to play online in the Gwent Masters mode. Placing in the top 200 ranked players of this mode will earn players Crown points, as will participating in Gwent tournaments. The final tally of players’ Crown points will determine which players qualify to compete in the grand finale of the tournament series, the Gwent World Masters. The other way to qualify for the Gwent World Masters is to win one of the four Challenger tournaments.

With tens of thousands of dollars on the docket in prize money, the Gwent Masters series has carved out a path for a full-time Gwent pro player. If that’s your dream, get cracking on those decks, because the first Gwent Open event unfolds this Friday and Saturday.

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Can I build a freeze mage deck that does nothing until turn 11 where I win instantly? Let me troll or give me death.