Halo Pro's Controller Disconnects During World Championship Match

The most nightmarish moment of anyone’s Xbox Live session happened to Tyler “Spartan” Ganza during a world championship match. While he and his team were battling for a top three spot in the $1,000,000 tournament, his controller disconnected.


Ganza and his team Reciprocity were on a decisive map 7 against Team Envy. He was on a streak, sprinting for the camo spawn, when disaster struck and his controller disconnected from his Xbox.

Despite his team being up in kills, the momentary pause allowed the other team to snatch the camo and take the wheel. By game’s end, Team Envy was up in kills. Envy won the series 4-3, and Reciprocity went home in 4th place.

In a post-match interview, Justin “Pistola” Deese expressed his sympathies. “I feel really bad for them, because of the disconnected controller, but I don’t know what to do about that,” said Deese.

Ganza had some different feelings about the situation, posting just one tweet.

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I take it his battery crapped out on him? But then again I thought the console gives you a heads up when the battery is running low. I’m not sure because I have never had my controller get low enough to ever see if it comes up.