Some Hearthstone Players Challenge Themselves To Spot Lethal Combos

Image credit: u/afresquet
Image credit: u/afresquet

Hearthstone players have been playing “spot the lethal” for years. Similar to chess puzzles, where a board state is laid out and you try to achieve checkmate in a certain number of moves, “spot the lethal” asks if you can figure out how to drop your opponent’s life to 0 in a single turn.


YouTube content creator “ZeroMana” recently started a series of lethal puzzles, using both custom boards and actual situations from different Hearthstone pros and streamers. The production quality is top-notch, showing the card text and board state in full.

ZeroMana has said their team will try to produce a weekly puzzle reel, which will include a carryover solution from the previous week. Good luck trying to solve the one at the end of the above videoI’ve been scratching my head for a good ten minutes on it.


Though ZeroMana brings a great level of production value to the mix, several others have made “spot the lethal” puzzles through imgur posts in the past. ESL’s Trinity Series even made a few, though some of the more popular ones are... well... see for yourself:

Let us know if you spot the lethal! It always helps to keep sharp, or you might miss lethal when it matters most.

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There was a Magic: The Gathering game I had on PS3 (I wanna say 2012-2013ish?) that had something like this. It was my favorite part of the game.