Injustice 2 Comeback "Worse Than Golden State Blowing A 3-1 Lead"

It can often seem like you’re out of your league in online games like Injustice 2. With their back against the wall and a sliver of health left, Flash player Honey Bee CMNDR looked all but out of it, until they flipped the switch and ran it all the way back on a very unsuspecting Robin.


The video (via Twitter) shows Honey Bee, as they go from utterly down and out to in full control of the game. Persevering through several clashes and even taken down to pixels of health, Honey Bee managed to get the win.

Social media was not kind to the Robin player:


Some think it was staged, which to be fair, is totally possible. Robin could have easily chipped down Flash, or used his health lead to armor through some attacks and trade blows for the win. On the other hand, these comments have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight—in Robin’s shoes, I’d probably be panicking and frantically trying to jab my way out of a hole as well.

Maybe next time, Robin.

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You could tell the flash player was just waiting. Kept crouching for no reason and then low and behold, suddenly​ knows all the advanced combos and supers? Shenanigans, plain and simple. If it wasn’t staged then it was a hustle. Like the episode of Fresh prince where Uncle Phil destroys that guy playing pool.