League Casters Compare Future Of Healthcare To Death By Cyborg Man-Crab

The uncertain future of our nation’s health care system, or being ground to death by a giant cyborg?

In a talk show-style segment that aired between games one and two of TSM vs. FlyQuest in today’s League Championship Series matches, Josh “Jatt” Leesman and Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler debated which is more terrifying: the League of Legends champion Urgot’s newly reworked ultimate, or the future of American healthcare. (The segment was recorded and published to YouTube two days prior to airing on the LCS stream.)

For reference, the Urgot ultimate launches a hook into enemies, which tethers them to the horrific melding of man and machine. If the enemy’s health drops below a certain threshold, Urgot drags them in, shoots them in the face and grinds them up in his ab-gears.

American healthcare, meanwhile, has had millions of Americans on the edge of their seat, wondering if their current plans will still be effective the next day.


The segment is meant to be lighthearted, so Kobe and Jatt debate the two with a comedic back-and-forth. Both seem to land on the Urgot ultimate, one claiming that by definition, it’s more terrifying (a successful Urgot ultimate applies a “fear” effect to nearby enemies).

A few responses on social media noted the strange jump from League analysis into politics, though This Or That has certainly never shied away from riffing on controversial subjects.


So, this or that?

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