Marvel Pro's Reaction To Winning Tournament Is Fantastic

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Jonathan “Cloud805" Morales emerged victorious in today’s Battle For The Stones grand finals. After winning, he took not just the trophy and prize money, but the on-stage host, too.


After beating fellow Marvel vs. Capcom veteran Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez 3-2, Morales ended Infinite’s first capstone tournament by hoisting commentator Steve Scott, also known as “TastySteve,” into the air and parading him around the stage. It was unexpected yet touching, a very bro-mantic moment.

“Oh man,” said Scott. “I want you to win more often.”

Morales’ team of Zero and Dante was brutal throughout the set, putting pressure on Gonzalez’s mix of an old favorite (Morrigan) and a new but popular fighter (Monster Hunter).

In one moment, when Gonzalez tried to lock Morales into the cage made by activating his space stone, Morales replied with a barrage of projectiles from Zero.


Morales takes home $20,000 and a massive Infinity Gauntlet trophy. We’re not quite sure how he will manage to carry the gauntlet and Scott at the same time, but we hope he can find a way.

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