Melee Pro Beats Yoshi Target-Breaking Record By Fraction Of A Second

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Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto is considered the best Yoshi player in the world, and for good reason. He has impressive wins over some of the best in Super Smash Bros. Melee on the lil’ dinosaur, and now, he holds a world record in busting targets as his signature character.


aMSa was streaming world record attempts on Twitch when he managed to claim a new record at 7.25 seconds, beating the previous best (7.26) by 0.01 seconds.


The Break The Targets mini-game has been a staple of Super Smash Bros. since the first, with players setting world records on much of the game’s roster. With this new record, aMSa can now proclaim himself to be the fastest target-breaking Yoshi around.

He celebrated by spreading the news on Twitter, and then grabbing some sake.

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I always love the super short speed runs. Racing for a 7 second race, but probably spent dozens of hours at it.