New Character Contest For Upcoming SNK Game Won By Saudi Artist

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Saudi Arabian artist Mashael Barrak has had her character design chosen to be included in an upcoming SNK game after winning a design contest.


Put on by Manga Productions, her character “Najd” will make an appearance in an upcoming game, though details have not yet been released on what game that will be.


Japanese studio SNK is most commonly known nowadays for its fighting games, predominately King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown, as well as arcade titles like Metal Slug.

In an email conversation with Compete, Mashael said she and the other contests didn’t initially know it was for SNK, just for “a Japanese fighting game.”

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In an outline, Najd is described as a 21-year-old university student who has been trained since childhood to control a “halek,” or stubborn genie. Student by day, guardian of justice by night, she has to remain calm in order to keep control of her halek’s powers. (Thanks to Cyberpunk from Resetera for the translation.)


A short video of King of Fighters series director Oda Yasuyuki was released, where he discusses the winning design. The video is in Japanese with Arabic subtitles, however.

Other winners in the contest included a new battle arena featuring Riyadh’s skyline, a design that uses a shimagh (headdress) as a weapon, and a fighter who injects petroleum into his nails and lights them on fire with a spark from his ring. You can check them out here.

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here is a rough Arabic translation

first pic :


a Saudi girl (no age mention) who wear a traditional gulf called “Abaya”, the Abaya is made of pitch black silk with silver outlines, her weapon of choice is the Abaya itself, it is possessed Djinn called “Halek” Arabic world for pitch black, Halek can change its body shape to attack and then return back to the Abaya.

she wear pair modern leather gloves and long boots for protection, her headwear is modern gulf hijab, which falls off during the fight and picked up and put back on,

she also wears a golden waist and blue Sapphire stone for decoration.

design idea:

after long thoughts, I wanted to move away from the current trend of depicting a Saudi man or woman in an old traditional garment, It designer here to fit the current climate changes currently happing in the Saudi while keeping her Arabain and Islamic identity and heritage.

second pic:

duel combo: Halek can reshape its body to the weapon for both offense and defense, Halek can extend from any part of the Abaya, the weapons can be black swords, metal rods for blocking or a giant monster with fangs before reverting back to the Abaya.

example combo: after delivering a strong punch which sent the opponent flying backward, Halek can extend and leach into the opponent and drag him/her for an additional comb.

battle gimmick, Najd does not control Halek, instead, she creates an opening for Halek to appear for its attack, damage wise, her normal attack is overall weak, but Halek are strong and unpredictable, the same rule applies on defense