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The New Girl series finale airs tonight, although the show should have ended at least a year ago. Here are some characters from that very good show, ranked from best to worst.

  1. Schmidt
  2. Aly
  3. Winston
  4. Outside Dave
  5. Nick
  6. Joan Day
  7. Bob Day
  8. Coach
  9. Principal Foster
  10. Fawn Moscato
  11. Robby
  12. Gavin
  13. Sadie
  14. Jess
  15. Furguson
  16. Abby Day
  17. Walt Miller
  18. Caroline
  19. Louise Schmidt
  20. Ruth
  21. Paul
  22. Russell
  23. Angie
  24. Reagan
  25. Sam
  26. Big Schmidt
  27. Getting hit by a car that Jess is test driving while two different men pretend to be her husband
  28. Cece

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