Number One Dad Subs In For Son's Rocket League Match

NBC is hosting a 2v2 Rocket League tournament this weekend, a big deal for 2v2 players like Josh “JumpOnStuff” Russo who could potentially make a national broadcast debut. But when Russo’s teammate couldn’t make it down to the open, one man was willing to take up the controller and fill in: his dad.

Russo hinted at a surprise fill-in earlier today, and it was revealed when the two stepped up for their first round match against G2-A. Though dad Nick Russo wasn’t too familiar with Rocket League, he still came out to support his son and bear the “Actually Toxic” name.


When the match kicked off, dad looked like just about any other dad learning to play a PlayStation 4 game for the first time. As three other players zipped around the field chasing the giant soccer ball, papa Russo was figuring out the gas and brakes.

Rocket League is, essentially, soccer with rocket-powered cars though, and dad started to catch on. Though the game ended up being a loss for father and son, one fantastic moment did happen: Dad scored a goal.


Despite losing the game, papa Russo won over the hearts of players, commentators and social media.


In the post-game, Nick said it was “one of the best father-son experiences [he’s] ever had.” The goal, as it happens, was a stroke of either luck or genius: Dad couldn’t figure out how to turn around, so he just drove backwards into it.


Though pros may be upset at the 2v2 format of this tournament, at least one touching storyline came out of it. We can all appreciate Good Rocket League Dad.


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