Philly's Secret Weapon Shines In Overwatch League Debut

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Many teams debuted their fresh new players during kickoff weekend for stage two of the Overwatch League, but the one that made arguably the biggest impact had been on the roster for a while. It just wasn’t until these last few days that he got to show why he earned a spot on the Philly Overwatch squad.

Josh “Eqo” Corona hails from Israel, where he played for Zengaming eSports as well as Israel’s Overwatch World Cup team. In November of last year, he was announced as one of the 12 players on the Philadelpha Fusion. Yet throughout stage one, he was conspicuously absent.

This last weekend, Corona got his chance. He was in the starting line-up for the Fusion at DPS, taking the stage in Los Angeles for the first time. In back-to-back sweeps against the Boston Uprising and Florida Mayhem, Corona made a strong case for the starting spot.


Corona mostly stuck to Genji throughout the eight maps he played this weekend, showing incredible skill on a hero that can range from hot to cold depending on the player. Finding the key moments to unsheathe his dragonblade, or predicting an enemy’s attack with a spot-on reflection. The spectator view caught one perfect moment, where Corona dropped onto the grouped-up Uprising and went tearing through them.

Across Philly’s clean sweep of eight maps, Corona shone, garnering a host of kills and ultimate after ultimate. Threads were started asking “who is this Eqo guy?” As far as first showings go, Corona couldn’t have had it much better.


Philadelphia seemed to be somewhere in the middle during the first stage of the league, either on the cusp of greatness or about to succumb to the squads below them, looking to climb up. With Corona finally in and playing, Philly has a new tool in its arsenal.

The Fusion are currently 2-0 in stage two, and will face an even-greater test this coming week when it faces the Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire. If you missed the action over the weekend, you can check out each match and map over in the Overwatch League Twitch archives.

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This article poses Eqo as a welcome surprise, but while he’s did amazing this first week of stage 2, it makes me wonder if there’s a potential ‘quarterback controversy’ now. Remember, Shadowburn is who he subbed for. That dude is definitely one of top tier Genjis as well as a few other top notch offensive characters. They run almost the same library of heroes, so now what do you do between Eqo and Shadowburn? I don’t see Carpe being taken out of the lineup, although I would’ve said that about Shadowburn as well.

Also, their dps players weren’t the issue in the first stage. Fragi seemed to struggle a whole bunch early with Winston, but the overall belief is that he’s come along real well with the scientist since then. His work against Florida yesterday definitely shows that. So what do you do here? Carpe, Shadowburn, & Eqo are not ‘specialists’ in the way that the NYXL’s Pine is. They should all be taking a spot in the lineup when they’re healthy and ready to roll. What do you do with potentially three great dps players? It’s a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem.