Just like in your favorite horror movie, checking the downstairs basement one-by-one in Rainbow Six: Siege isnā€™t a very good idea.

In todayā€™s Rainbow Six: Siege Year 2, Season 2 finals, Penta Sports was set to defend their title as Pro League champs. On the way there, in a semifinals match against Team Fontt, Penta player Niclas ā€œPenguā€ Mouritzen baited the enemy team into a game-winning trap.

Mouritzen runs down into the basement, and Team Fontt follows one-by-one like lemmings after him, right into the waiting crosshairs of Mouritzenā€™s SMG-shotgun combo. Cleaning up four of the five members of Fontt, Mouritzen secured the round and sent Penta to the grand finals, where they 2-0'd American team Elevate to keep their title as Pro League champs.


Penta Sports goes home with $75,000 in prize earnings. If you want to check out the entire finals series, the archives are available on theĀ Rainbow Six Twitch channel.