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During pool play at Final Round 2018 yesterday, one Pokkén Tournament player took the opportunity to take the mic and deliver some choice words for his next opponent.


Whether a work or a genuine mic-grab, Franke “2PlayRough” Sisto delivers a WWE-caliber promo about determination and proving his mother wrong.

“I’m put up against an opponent who apparently has never heard of me. To me, that’s a problem,” said Sisto, as the commentators try to keep it together. “And even worse, my mother even said to me as I was getting on the plane, she said to me ‘Franke, you’re not going to win Pokkén. Why are you spending the money? Why are you even playing? Why are you even trying?’ To which I said ‘Mother, be quiet. I wanna play Pokkén.’ You either play Pokkén or you die, and I ain’t dyin’ today.”

“Death knows not Franke Sisto,” he declares as production staff retrieves the headset from his hands.


Sisto would go on to lose his first match 2-0 in the winner’s side of pool J1, then fall to UNCG’s Storybook 2-1, exiting the tournament 0-2.

He may not have won more than a single round, but he won our hearts.

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