Richard Lewis Leaves Full-Time Hosting Job At Eleague

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Esports journalist and commentator Richard Lewis announced today that he would no longer be the full-time host for Turner and IMG’s esports tournament series Eleague.


His statement, via TwitLonger, says he hopes he can come back in the future but “for now though, it’s time for a change.”

Well, here it is. After more than two years with @ELEAGUETV, I’ve decided to pursue additional opportunities in the esports industry that extend beyond full-time hosting. I’m proud of what we achieved at Eleague and I’ve really enjoyed working with the dedicated people at Turner and IMG. I hope I get to come back and work with them in future. For now though, it’s time for a change. I will elaborate more on what comes next in the not too distant future but for now I hope everyone will join me in continuing to support Eleague as it helps propel esports into the mainstream. See you all soon.


Eleague responded with its own tweet, thanking Lewis for his contributions and wishing him luck.

Lewis hosted several different events for Eleague, spanning from Counter-Strike to Rocket League and Street Fighter. No word yet on what’s next for him.

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