Street Fighter Player Mounts Comeback From The Magic Pixel

The “magic pixel” is a sliver of health that doesn’t even show up in your fighter’s health bar, an amount so tiny you would probably measure it in subpixels. It was from that tiniest pip of heath that Zeku player Air fought back, and in a rousing match, took the series while barely alive.


A volley of hits from Air’s opponent, noodle, put him into a stunned state. Noodle takes his free, full combo, but somehow Air is still standing after. Down to what seems like a percentage or fraction of life, Air blocks what should have been the climactic blow and starts to fight back.


Air took the series in a heroic comeback, and reminded us all that it ain’t over until the last pixel drops.

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Dinky Earnshaw

That Cammy color scheme reminds me of Cyclops from X-Men.