Street Fighter Pro Brings Down The Champ At Compete Event

In the last block of the night at our “Can You Beat An Esports Champion?” event, Du “NuckleDu” Dang was the first pro to drop all day. Kevin “Die3mini0n” Landon, a professional Street Fighter player himself, took down NuckleDu in a tense mirror match-up.


Both players were on Guile, exchanging blows and projectiles in a careful dance back and forth. Landon outlasted the onslaught, and when the right opportunity arose, took rounds from the Capcom Cup champion NuckleDu.


“It’s nice to know that I can still compete, even after he won the championship,” said Landon after the match. Landon says NuckleDu was a student of his before Du’s run at Capcom Cup, but was surprised Du picked the mirror match-up rather than his Rainbow Mika alternate.

As for the difference between Landon’s Guile and Du’s, it’s all in the approach.

“It’s just polar opposite styles, he’s the full-in rushdown style, I’m the more keep-away Guile,” said Landon.

You can catch the tail end of the Compete event through the Twitch stream below:

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Can you beat a pro at Street Fighter 5?

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