In the last block of the night at our “Can You Beat An Esports Champion?” event, Du “NuckleDu” Dang was the first pro to drop all day. Kevin “Die3mini0n” Landon, a professional Street Fighter player himself, took down NuckleDu in a tense mirror match-up.


Both players were on Guile, exchanging blows and projectiles in a careful dance back and forth. Landon outlasted the onslaught, and when the right opportunity arose, took rounds from the Capcom Cup champion NuckleDu.


“It’s nice to know that I can still compete, even after he won the championship,” said Landon after the match. Landon says NuckleDu was a student of his before Du’s run at Capcom Cup, but was surprised Du picked the mirror match-up rather than his Rainbow Mika alternate.

As for the difference between Landon’s Guile and Du’s, it’s all in the approach.

“It’s just polar opposite styles, he’s the full-in rushdown style, I’m the more keep-away Guile,” said Landon.

You can catch the tail end of the Compete event through the Twitch stream below:

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