Surprise Marine Flank Secures Win In Global StarCraft II League Quarterfinals

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Siege tanks can’t hit flying units, a fact Cho “Maru” Seong Ju was reminded of in last night’s Global StarCraft II League Code S match against Kim “Ryung” Dong Won.


The series was at a 2-1 advantage for Kim, but Cho was looking to make a resurgence on the fourth map. Pushing ahead with a massive army of siege tanks, Cho had the advantage against Kim’s tech, which favored marines and medivacs over artillery. It was not noticing where all those marines and medivacs went that ended up costing Cho a critical mass of his army.


After a crushing flank wiped out most of Cho’s (red) advance, Kim (blue) hopped his marines inside the flying, healing medivacs and pushed out, executing guerilla raids on Cho’s base. Kim relied on some good ol’ fashioned micro-management, zipping around the slower army of Cho and slowly bleeding him of resources until Cho ceded the series.

Kim advances to the semifinals of 2017's GSL Code S Season One, putting him only two series away from the top prize and declaring himself one of the best StarCraft II players in the world. Maybe his next opponent will keep track of the missing marines.

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Man, I miss the height of SC2 eSports. I was lucky enough to work for MLG for a single competition in 2014 before I saw the massive decline of it’s eSports scene. It’s not hard to see why. There wasn’t enough consistent change to keep it interesting. Most of the matches had similar strategies, poking, and then someone deathballed or hit someone when they were out of place or not paying attention and won.

That was literally every game. But I salute the Starcraft scene for showing the world that eSports is viable. It was the mario of the eSports scene, and for that, it has all of my respect. o7