The Tekken 7 UK Championship is making a stop in Dublin today, where 122 entrants are competing to qualify for the finals at London Comic-Con in May. In a pool play match-up between two players, a high-flying kick was all that was needed to slide under and win with barely a tick of health.


Sajad27 was on Law, a Jeet Kun Do fighter with plenty of crushing power moves. After catching his opponent—Phoenixjolt, playing Lucky Chloe—out with a throw, Sajad27 took to the air for a finisher, only to have Phoenix slide right under him with a super move called a Rage Art. The game even slows down the motion so you can see the exact moment they collide:


Phoenixjolt advanced for a shot at the top 16 on his Lucky Chloe pick, but lost to professional player CKT Nielo.

Tekken 7, despite being unreleased on home consoles, has already built up a strong competitive following, even grabbing a spot at the Evolution Championship Series (or EVO) 2017. Players have already taken to arcades to pick apart the nuts and bolts of the game, and the existing Tekken community seems to be fully behind it.

Maybe once the game is available for home practice, our Law player will have a chance to workshop that flying kick finisher a little more. If you want to tune and in catch the top 16 of today’s Dublin qualifiers, you can find the steam on Bandai Namco Europe’s Twitch page.

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