The Correct Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Won This Weekend's Splatfest

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This weekend, Splatoon 2 players ended a multi-week popularity contest over the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And unsurprisingly, they chose the objectively best turtle in the end, Donatello.


Donnie, the brains of the team who can also kick righteous ass, won 2-1 over his brother-in-shell, Raphael. While he lost the popular vote, he won the electoral equivalent, as his team won more Splatfest matches than their Raphael counterparts. Clearly, those who know Donnie is best are also, coincidentally, way better at Splatoon 2 than their less knowledgeable friends.


Really, I hope that more debates are settled in the ink-soaked arenas of Splatoon. It seems a more wholesome way to determine true victors rather than flinging 280-character insults at one another. If Superman vs. Batman ever becomes a Splatfest, you can catch me online ready to dunk a bunch of Kal-El loving nerds in the viscous goop of Moray Towers or Inkblot Art Academy.

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Not only did people not pick Donnie over Raph, they also didn’t pick Donnie or Raph in their respective first rounds. So the least popular won, the second least popular came in second, and the first/second place in popularity came 3rd/4th in the tourney.

I think it’s funny how broken the splatfest scoring system is. I know they changed it because it was basically just a popularity contest in the first game, but in this game popularity is negatively correlated to victory. 8 out of 13 splatfests have been won by the less popular team. I can understand wanting popularity to be the only factor that matters, but popularity shouldn’t work against a team. I really hope they figure out a way that works well in Splatoon 3, because this is just silly.