The Counter To Doomfist? Take A Seat

As players flood into the public test servers of Overwatch to find uses and counters for the new villain Doomfist, one player has found a rather interesting one: sitting down.


In a highlight posted on the Overwatch subreddit, after popping off a four-kill ultimate, McCree player “Quesogard,”decides to walk onto the point and take a seat to admire the their handiwork. As he eases on down, Doomfist player “Trunkz” comes flying in from just off-screen and whiffs, eating a full fan of the hammer from McCree moments later.


Effective tech? Maybe not, but certainly satisfying to watch over and over again. If you’ve got any good counters for Doomfist, let us know in the comments.

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Seeing this video, and having played a wee bit of doomfist myself, I do think the hardest thing they are going to have to work out is his hit boxes.

On one hand I’m sure they don’t want him to have too large of a “vacuuming” effect on his rocket punch and his uppercut, but if they can be so easily dodged by sitting down then they need to be altered somewhat.

Also the collision effect with walls, where he gets a decent chunk of his damage from, seems to be wildly inconsistent as well. Hopefully the PTR will help them work on that... or we may end up at launch getting a pretty flawed hero.