The FIFA Goal That Just Wouldn't Go In

Some days, it can seem like every force in the universe is against you. This FIFA player must have done something in a past life, as for thirty straight seconds, as he lands the most improbable non-goal possible in FIFA 17.


MrMaskTV, a FIFA Twitch streamer, posted this clip earlier today, where a simple kick turns into a slo-mo symphony of failure.


After a long walk down the white line, the ball is batted clear by the goaltender and sent back into play. Hopefully, the player went on to actually score some points.

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This happened a lot to me with some old console hockey games. The puck would slide and vibrate against some invisible wall even with the stick trying to push it and then it would magically get pulled to the goalie’s glove. It was hilariously infuriating. I wish I had a capture card then.