Call of Duty pro team Faze Clan at the Dallas Open. Image credit: MLG
Call of Duty pro team Faze Clan at the Dallas Open. Image credit: MLG

Call of Duty returns in a big way this week with the World League Open for Infinite Warfare in Dallas.


The last chance for teams to earn a spot in stage 1 of the Global Pro League, competitive Call of Duty’s big spring event, all eyes will be on Northern Texas to see who can scrape out some last minute points.

Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Dallas Open for the Call of Duty World League kicked off yesterday with a $200,000 prize pool and over one hundred teams competing. Games will resume today at 12:00PM EDT with iGame vs. Team Kaliber in the final round of of the open bracket to see who will face teams like Cloud9, Splyce, and others during pool play beginning at 2:00PM EDT. A full list of the developing brackets can be found here with grand finals to be schedule for some time tomorrow.

You can watch all the action in the live stream embedded below, with a second stream available here.

League of Legends

Regular play in League of Legends continues today with the conclusion of the spring season’s eighth week. Play will wrap up in Europe first with Giants vs. ROCCAT at 11:00AM EDT today, followed by Splyce vs. Origen, who’s looking to put an end to its ten game loosing streak, at 2:00PM EDT.


Then Cloud9 and Immortals play at 3:00PM EDT in North America alongside Team Envy and Team Dignitas. Meanwhile, Team Liquid, with Adrian in support of Doublelift for the second week since signing earlier this month, will look to begin eking its way out of the relegation zone with a tough match against Phoenix1 tonight at 6:00PM EDT.

Overnight, South Korea will see games at 4:00AM and 7:00AM EDT with Samsung Galaxy featured in the former and ROX Tigers in the latter. In China, Game Talents play I May at 3:00AM EDT followed by NewBee vs. OMG at 6:00AM EDT.


You can find all of the matches streaming live on each region’s respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The StarSeries Season 3 returns this weekend with the North American and European playoffs. G2 Esports played Team EnVyUs earlier today across the pond while Renegades face Counter Logic Gaming at 12:00PM EDT.


You can watch those matches here.


Hearthstone’s Trinity Series will conclude today beginning at 1:00PM EDT.

$75,000 goes to the winner, with a full bracket of the event available here. Luminosity Gaming will play the winner of Complexite Gaming vs. Virtus Pro. You can watch the final matches here.


Street Fighter V

Hosted at SXSW, the Fighters Underground event wrap up today with the Top 8 bracket beginning at 1:00PM EDT. The event features Ricki Ortiz, Justin Wong, and Snake Eyes, among others. Oh, and NuckleDu of course.


You can stream the tournament live here.


Season 1 of the GG Overwatch LEague began earlier this week with mid-tier teams from across Europe facing off in the group stage this weekend. Matches begin today at 2:00PM EDT with CrowCrowd vs. x4ckers.


Meanwhile, the Overwatch Premier Series in China will continue with matches in Group A starting tomorrow morning at 5:00AM EDT. You can watch those games here.

Smash Bros.

The Frame Perfect Series returns this weekend with big names like Armada, Mango0, and Hungrybox for Melee, while Smash 4 will see ZeRo, Tsu, and MkLeo face some of Japan’s best players. The event will also be hosting a Smash 64 tournament.


Matches will begin tomorrow and can be streamed live here. You can find a list of alternative streams here.

Rocket League

The spring season for the Rocket League Championship Series gets underway today starting with North American. Selfless Gaming and Genesis play at 12:00PM EDT with matches going the rest of the day, followed by matches in the European league tomorrow.


Those games will all be streamed live here.

Heroes of the Storm

The Eastern Clash continues tomorrow at 1:00AM EDT in the morning with L5 vs. MVPB. Matches will go all morning up until the grand finals beginning at 7:45AM EDT. You can watch the conclusion of the tournament here.



Smite is back. After a week break, things kick off this weekend starting at 1:00PM EDT with LGE vs. NRG and tomorrow at the same time with Noble vs. EGR. You can watch those matches here.



On the second week of its spring season, Vainglory teams Mouse Esports and SK Gaming face each other today at noon, with matches going until 4:00PM EDT. Tomorrow, Echo Fox vs. Immortals play starting at 4:30PM EDT with three more games to follow after. A full schedule for the entire season is available here.


You can watch all of the games live right here.

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