Players at the Killer Instinct World Cup. Image credit: Killer Instinct.
Players at the Killer Instinct World Cup. Image credit: Killer Instinct.

This weekend Killer Instinct fighters across the country will descend on the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas to rip each other’s digital guts out. But no tea bagging please, that would be disrespectful.


But qualifiers for Dota 2's Kiev Major, Street Fighter V’s Final Round 20, and the last qualifiers for the next season of Rocket League Championship Series are also going on. Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.

Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct World Cup is an annual event pitting the game’s top talent against one another in a weekend long tournament that double’s as a convention celebrating the game. The likes of Circa Nicky (currently with the most season points) and Jonathan “Rico Suave” Deleon (last year’s champion) will battle it out for honor, glory, and a few thousand in extra pocket change.


Last chance on-site qualifiers began yesterday with another round kicking off today at 4:00PM EST. The World Cup proper will then get underway Sunday morning beginning at 11:00AM EDT with Top 8 play beginning later in the evening around 7:30PM EDT. You can watch all of the action right here.

Dota 2

The Kiev Major gets closer with each passing day, but before Dota 2's next big tournament can get underway, the remaining teams from across the globe will fight it out to see who can claim the last few seeds in that event.

Matches will be on-going for most of the weekend with multiple streams available to cover as many of them as possible. Action wraps up Sunday morning at 9:00AM EDT with Clutch Gmaers vs. TnC Dota 2. You can watch the games in the stream below.

League of Legends

Regular play in League of Legends spring seasons throughout the world continues today beginning with Team Vitality already playing ROCCAT and Misfits vs. H2K at 1:00PM EST. Action in Europe concludes thefollowing day at 12:00PM EDT with Giants vs. Origen, the latter of which is still on the hunt for their first win of the season.


In North America play picks up today with Team SoloMid looking to pick up an easy win against Team Envy at 3:00PM EST while Phoenix1 will try to defend its standing in the table against contenders Echo Fox at 6:00PM EST. As always, matches will continue on Sunday scheduled for the same times. In-between, South Korea will have games at 6:00AM EDT and 8:00AM EDT while in China the weeks remaining matches will occur the same morning at 4:00AM EDT and 7:00AM EDT.

You can find all of the matches streaming live on each region’s respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Coming off the IEM World Championship in Poland, in which Astralis continued to dominate the world of CS:GO, this weekend finds teams competing in the StarSeries Season 3 qualifiers. Optic Gaming faces Eanix.CS at 8:30PM EST tonight, followed by Godsent vs. Heroic Sunday at 1:00PM EDT, with the action concluding that night at 9:00PM EDT with Counter Logic vs. Bees Money Crew.


You can watch those matches here.

Smash Bros.

A light week in the world of Nintendo’s brawler, fans of Smash 4 can still look forward to a tournament hosted at PAX East in Boston that will feature ZeRo, Larry Lurr, and Dabuz among others.


Matches will begin tomorrow and can be streamed live here.

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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V returns in a big way with Final Round 20. Top 64 play begins today at 1:00PM EST with Top 8 scheduled for Sunday night at 9:00PM EDT. You can find a full schedule for the event here, with tournaments in a number of other fighting games including Tekken 7, Pokken Tournament, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and even For Honor.


The main tournament will be streamed live here, with links to streams for the other games available here.

Rocket League

The final weekend of qualifiers for the game’s spring season is upon us. You can find information on the format here, while all the games will be streamed here.



After lots of expansion and the addition of new teams, esports mobile MOBA begins its second spring season this weekend with Team Secret vs. Mousesports at 12:00PM EST in Europe and Echo Fox vs. Cloud9 at 4:30PM EST in North America. Games will then continue on Sunday at the same times, with full schedule for the entire season available here.


You can watch all of the games live right here.

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