The Weekend In Esports: TI7 Grand Finals, Call Of Duty Championship, And More

Image credit: MLG
Image credit: MLG

A year of practice and a week of stiff competition in the main event all comes down to this as Dota 2's TI7 closes in on a winner later today.


While home soil favorites EG were tossed out of the proceedings earlier on, a resurgent Team Liquid who has managed an inspiring run through the lower bracket will face LGD Forever Young later today for a shot at facing Newbee in the grand finals and representing Europe in a tournament whose final leg has been dominated by Chinese powerhouses.

And as if that weren’t enough, the Call of Duty World League Championships are also this weekend. The $1.5 million tournament features 32 teams who have all earned a spot in the event one way or another of the course of the last year of play.


Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.

Call of Duty

Over in the annual championship for Activision’s shooter, the dust is still settling with many matches still yet to be played across the double-elimination knockout stage. Matches began at 10:00AM EDT today with Ghost Gaming vs. Team Envy and will continue into the afternoon with the first semifinals at 2:30PM EDT.

Meanwhile, EnVyUs, along with OpTic Gaming and eUnited, will look to continue their stride into the late stages of the tournament, gunning ultimately for a spot in the grand finals set to take place on Sunday. The action resumes that day at 10:30AM EDT with the grand finals scheduled for 2:30PM.

All of the matches will be streaming live in the feed below.

Dota 2

Of the eighteen teams who began at this year’s International, only three remain. Newbee, sitting comfortably in the grand finals, awaits the winner of Liquid vs. LFY this afternoon. While breaking out of the group stage with a commanding wind at its back, LFY met its match against Newbee, a team which had previously failed to make headway against them earlier in the tournament. Should a rematch occur in the grand finals then, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top.


LFY will face Team Liquid at 1:00PM EDT today, followed by the best-of-five grand finals at 6:00PM EDT. You can watch all of the remaining matches here.


The World Cup qualifying continues this weekend as teams compete across Groups G and H to earn spots in the main event. USA will take on Brazil at 1:00PM EDT today, followed by New Zealand vs. China at 2:00PM. Closing out the day, the UK will take on Israel at 4:00PM. Matches then return on Sunday at the same times starting with USA vs. China.


You can find a complete schedule along with current standings here, and watch all of the matches live here.

League of Legends

Weekend matches across the globe began today at 11:00AM EDT with ROCCAT vs. Misfits in Europe, to be followed by Fnatic vs. G2 Esports an hour later, with Team Vitality kicking things off on Sunday against Splyce at 11:00AM. In North America, the quarterfinals of the LCS promotional tournament get underway at 3:00PM EDT with Cloud9 vs. Team Dignitas alongside Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Envy.


A schedule for all of the weekends LCS matches as well as the action in South Korea and China can be found here with all of the matches streaming live on each region’s respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).

Smash Bros.

Super Smash Con is this weekend, which means there’s lots going on in the world of Nintendo’s fighting game series. Brawl top 6 gets underway today at 12:00PM EDT followed by Smash 64 top 8 at 4:00PM and then matches in both Melee and Wii U later in the evening. On Sunday, Melee will conclude starting at 3:00PM EDT followed by Wii U top 8 at 6:00PM.


Here’s a complete breakdown of the times and streams, with most of the matches available to watch here.

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StarCraft II

StarCraft’s Copa América 2017 Season 4 picks up again this weekend with matches already going on and continuing throughout the day. Play will resume on Sunday starting in the loser’s bracket at 11:00AM EDT. The grand finals, meanwhile, are scheduled for 5:30PM that day.


You can watch all of the action right here.

Street Fighter V

The Summer Jam XI is this weekend, where top American talent like Punk and NuckleDu will compete with pools streaming today at 5:00PM EDT. followed immediately by top 32. Top 8, meanwhile, will get underway on Sunday at 5:30PM. You can watch those matches here.


Across the Pacific, the likes of Daigo and Itabashi will compete in the Japan Cup with top 8 scheduled for Sunday at 4:30AM EDT. Those matches will be streamed here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Gfinity Elite Series will see Team Endpoint face EnVyUs Academy at 12:30. Then at 2:30PM Team Infused take on Method. You can find a complete breakdown of the current standings over at Gfinity’s website.


All of the matches will be streaming here.

Rocket League

Qualifiers for the fourth season of the Rocket League Championship Series will be going on this weekend with play beginning at 1:00PM EDT today for North America, followed by Europe starting Sunday at 6:00AM EDT.


The matches will be streaming here.

Heroes of the Storm

The Eastern Clash happens this weekend with matches continuing at 1:00AM EDT Sunday morning between TP and L5. After play concludes in the lower bracket, the best-of-seven grand finals are set to begin at 7:45AM later that morning. You can catch all the games here.

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