The Weekend In Esports: Top Counter-Strike Teams Battle It Out In Vegas

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After the ELEAGUE Major 2017 broke Twitch records, the some of the best teams in CS:GO will try to upset European giants Astralis at the DreamHack Masters event in Las Vegas this weekend.

Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.



The DreamHack Masters Las Vegas tournament got underway earlier this week and will conclude tomorrow with just under half the $450,000 prize pool going to the winner. After a group stage that saw the likes of Cloud9, FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, and Fnatic all edged out, Gambit Esports and North will be the first series of the quarterfinals at 1:00PM EST today. Meanwhile, Astralis, undefeated in the group stage and the best team in the world at the moment following their victory at the ELEAGUE Major 2017, take on Ninjas in Pyjamas at 7:00PM EST tonight.

The grand finals are scheduled for Sunday night at 9:00PM EST. All the matches will be watched live in the stream below.

League of Legends

After a busy week in which G2 Esports maintained its seven match undefeated streak, bottom ranked Origen goes up against Fnatic today at 1:00PM EST to close out the action in Europe. Then, Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals kick things off in Noth America at 3:00PM EST alongside TeamLiquid vs. Team Dignitas. Games will continue at 6:00PM, followed Sunday by back-to-back matches at the same times.


Meanwhile, play in South Korea resumes at 3:00AM and 6:00AM EST on Sunday beginning with Jin Air GreenWings vs. Samsung Galaxy, while in China games will run from 12:00AM EST through 6:00AM beginning with Snake Esports vs. OMG.

You can find all of the matches streaming live on each region’s respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).



The 2017 FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series regional finals conclude today in Miami. Beginning at 10:00AM EST, the tournament features brackets for both Xbox One and PS4 and a prize pool of $100,000 with the winners earning a spot at the Ultimate Team Championship finals in Berlin. You can see the group standings here. Play will then move on to the double elimination stage later in the day.


All of the matches will be streamed live here.

Call of Duty

The CWL Paris Open began Friday and will conclude tomorrow morning. Fnatic will play Splyce in the lower bracket at 3:30AM EST alongside Evil Geniuses vs. Epsilon. The grand finals are scheduled for 11:30AM EST Sunday. A full bracket is available here.


You can watch all of the games right here.

Dota 2

In an otherwise light week for Valve’s free-to-play MOBA, sixteen teams are facing off in the ProDotA Cup Europe #15, a double elimination tournament featuring a number of lesser known sides and Cloud9. Hala Ares and Going In kicked things off at 10:00AM EST, and will be followed by games the rest of the afternoon. IKEA, who came in third at last year’s tournament, plays No Logic Gaming on Sunday at 11:00PM EST.


Pokémon Sun/Moon

The Pokémon Regional Championships hit Anaheim, CA this weekend. The event goes from 11:00AM EST today to 8:00PM EST tomorrow night and will feature competitive play in the latest version of the series. You can find a full explanation of the rules and format here.


Matches from the event will be streamed live here.


The HCT 2017 Americas Winter Playoffs are this weekend, wherein players will fight for a spot at the Winter Championship later this month being held in the Bahamas, because there’s no better time to be locked inside staring at a computer screen than when you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear, warm skies.


Matches began today at 11:00AM EST, and will resume on Sunday at noon. You can watch all of them here.

Heroes of the Storm

Week five of the 2017 HGC spring season comes to an end today beginning with Europe’s Team Dignitas vs. beGeninus at 12:00PM EST, followed by Synergy vs. Team Expert at 2:30PM EST. Then in North America, Tempo Storm and Superstars kick things off at 5:00PM EST, followed by Team Freedom and Team 8 at 7:30PM. Tempo and 8 both qualified for the mid-season Western Clash at IEM Katowice earlier in the month.


All of those matches will be streamed here.


Guilty Gear

Anime Ascension 2017 is also this weekend, meaning that if you have a favorite Japanese fighting game, there’ll probably be a tournament there for you. Games include BlazBlue Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late, King of Fighters 14, and Dead or Alive Last Round, as well as a number of side tourneys.


A full schedule is available here, with matches streaming live here.

Smash Bros.

One of the largest Smash Bros. events in Europe, BEAST 7 began yesterday with tournaments across Smash Bros. Melee, Wii U, and 64. You can find a full schedule for the event, including times for Street Fighter V, here. The Smash Bros. 64 top 16 bracket will get underway at 2:00PM EST today, while Smash Wii U top 8 begins tomorrow at 10:00AM EST, followed by Melee top 8 at 1:00PM EST.


You can stream many of the matches live here.


ASL Team Battle Season 1 for Starcraft: Brood War gets underway today and will run through mid-March. The clashes consist of matches between full teams, hand-picked by the top players from the ASL2. The first round was played between players from Team Flash and Team Hero, with the full series available to re-watch here.


On Sunday, Team BeSt will take on Team Stork beginning at 6:00AM EST. You can watch the matches live right here.


Halo 5

The Halo 5 London qualifiers are this weekend. The bracket is double elimination with best-of-five series and a first place prize of $10,000. You can watch all of the matches here with games resuming Sunday at 5:00AM EST.



The spring split for Smite is also ongoing, with the SMITE Masters 2017 scheduled for late April. Matches begin today with CycloneGG vs. Team Dignitas at 1:00PM EST and run until the last one at 6:15PM EST. Games resume Sunday at the same time with In Memory of Gabe vs. Team Allegiance.


You can stream all of them live right here.

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