Valve Announces Artifact, A Dota Card Game

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Valve announced Artifact, a Dota card game, during tonight’s The International 7 matches in Seattle.


The digital card game will be out in 2018. It’ll feature lanes, use characters like Bounty Hunter, and have cards like barracks that will push waves of minions down each player’s avenue of attack. It’ll be a card game version of Dota 2, essentially.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Prefaced as the next game from Valve, the teaser was met with a mix of excitement and disappointment in the Key Arena, where The International 7 is taking place. I’m not sure what game the crowd could have possibly been expecting.

Valve also opened up a Twitter account for the game, which has already answered a few questions from users.

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Gene Jacket

Two card game announcements in a single day. The first, from Gearbox, and this one from Valve.......sigh.

Look, we get it, Hearthstone is huge and everyone wants some of that heat...but, come the fuck on.

Between Blizzard’s juggernaut, Gwent, The Elder Scrolls Legends, the various versions of Magic, Duelyst, the Pokemon TCGs, Mojang’s Scrolls and the countless, redundant others out there between mobile, pc and we really need another goddamn CCG?