When Going All-In Goes Wrong In Hearthstone

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Hearthstone lesson #43: don’t bet the farm against a Mage with secrets in play.

Pro Hearthstone player Thijs Moldendijk lived out a moment many virtual cardsharks are familiar with when he dumped a series of power-ups onto a Tirion Fordring, going straight for the face of Pavel Beltukov. Thijs knew he had a secret in play, which could have been anything from an Ice Block to a Mirror Entity.


Pavel, though, was sitting on a Vaporize, a secret that destroys a minion when it attacks your hero.


Smiling the whole time, Pavel pulls out a nearby toy gun and pops off a few clicks as the commentators note the “shots fired.” The ongoing SeatStory Cup VII is a more laid-back tournament, encouraging players and commentators to get creative. What results is moments like above, or this gag played on Sebastian “Forsen” Fors after a 4-1 loss in the quarterfinals.

SeatStory Cup VII is wrapping up its grand finals tonight, and you can watch all the Hearthstone action play out on TaKeTV’s Twitch channel.

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He played to his out, it didn’t really go wrong, he was dead either way it turns out.
On the other hand, my opp played Tortollan Primalist against me when I was 99% dead in 2 turns... And it Dinosized my taunt totem. Now THAT is all in going badly.