When You Find The Good Button

Fighters in games like Tekken 7 can have a wide arsenal of attacks, with different angles, weights, and recovery time. But when you get the chance to mash that good button, ol’ reliable, you make the most of it. At least, that’s what Mr. Whooppee did when he trapped Rickstah’s Akuma in a barrage of boots to the face in today’s Combo Breaker pools.


Oof. Rickstah went on to win the set and get a winner’s side advantage in phase 2 of pools, but Whooppee cut the highlight of the day with his boot-slamming tech.


Catch the rest of today’s Tekken pools over on the game’s Twitch channel.

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V till I D.I.E

It makes me happy to know someone used my main to wreck shit, even if they ultimately lost.