Wrestling Continues To Grow On Twitch With TripleMania XXV

While many were watching one circus in a ring last night, a different, better one was taking place on Twitch. Streaming exclusively to the platform was the AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide TripleMania XXV, a spectacular wrestling event featuring high-flying maneuvers and death-defying drops.

Wrestling is no stranger to Twitch—amateur and themed wrestling events like WCPW and Hoodslam have broadcasted to it. TripleMania, however, was a full production. An arena, a crowd, multiple cameras, and a pre-show to boot. Though the wrestlers cut their promos in Spanish, English commentators were around to spotlight the matches themselves. 

The event was, simply put, a spectacle. As the contestants put on a display of acrobatic skill, it was a little surreal to remember this was coming through a platform normally reserved for casual PUBG streams and esports tournaments. It was free to watch, and even without context or storylines, an engaging series of matches featuring moves like the beautiful spot below.


Though Twitch is primarily a games-centric platform, the wrestling promotion performed well on its slot, garnering 75,000 concurrent viewers according to fellow wrestling promotion WrestleCircus.

As more traditional broadcasts toe the waters of online streaming, Twitch offers an interesting avenue. There is certainly a decent cross-section between wrestling and video game fans. Even Twitch chat was getting into it, and for once, not being completely awful.


Even if you’re a little skeptical or just interested in the novelty, you can’t get ignore how genuinely fantastic the lucha libre’s moves are.


Maybe this paves the way for more alternate sports and wrestling events to find a better home and bigger audience on Twitch? Even at the low, low price of free, TripleMania XXV was certainly a better exhibition than last night’s pricey PPV.


If you missed the main event, you can watch the whole show back through LuchaLibreAAA’s Twitch archives.

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