You're Invited To Take On Top Street Fighter V Players In NYC This Weekend (Or Watch Others Try)

Illustration for article titled Youre Invited To Take On Top iStreet Fighter V/i Players In NYC This Weekend (Or Watch Others Try)

The concept we had was simple. Pit some of the world’s best pro gamers against regular folks. So that’s what we’re doing this Saturday. Do average gamers stand a chance against these guys?


The elite players: Nuckledu, Justin Wong and Smug, all ready to battle you in Street Fighter V.

Their opponents: You! Or others who RSVP to attend.

The venue: Our HQ in New York City: 2 West 17th Street.

When: This Saturday, May 13. Three sessions - 2-4pm / 4:15pm - 6:15pm / 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Must be 21 or older for that final session)


The event will be livestreamed on Twitch and embedded here on Compete. Commentary will be provided live by Alex Valle and James Chen.

And if you can beat one of these fighting game champs, you get a prize!

RSVP to attend. You can note whether you want to play or just hang out for the free food and possible mauling of regular players by these elite fighting game champs.

This event is presented by Gillette.

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I played a round of SF4 against Justin Wong at PAX a few years ago when he was doing a take-on-all-comers event at one of the booths. It was just as disastrous as you’d expect. Then again, they were giving a free SSD to anyone who could beat him, and I think they gave away two all weekend.